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How to Create Your First Localvore Impact Offer


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How to Create Your First Localvore Impact Offer

Meg Randall

Step One: Select 'Create Deal' on your merchant dashboard menu.

1-create new.png
2 - create deal.png

Step Two: Fill out the deal form! If you have questions about the recommended offer structure for your business, fine print, or unit cap, just drop our team a line. We want to help you make sure you see ROI on this campaign!

3 - deal setup.png

After you finish creating your offer, you'll see it on your dashboard. If you've scheduled it for a future date, you'll see an alert on the post notifying you that it isn't live for purchase yet. 


When your Impact Offer is live and available for purchase your followers will see it in their feed, Localvores will be able to discover it when they're browsing, and it will appear on your profile.

4 - Buy.png

Get in touch with our team at if you have unanswered questions, we're happy to help.

Next Step: Get ready for your new customers! Check out our redemption guide, a great resource to circulate to your team.