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60 Lake Street
Burlington, VT, 05401
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Vermont Fresh Network Partnership


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Vermont Fresh Network Partnership

Meg Randall

Claim your Enhanced profile and your 2018 Vermont Fresh Network membership fee is on us.

Localvore is excited to partner with the Vermont Fresh Network (VFN) as we pursue our respective missions to help strengthen local food systems. Localvore is committed to promoting local businesses for the conscious consumer in our community. Now, as official partners, Localvore will bring greater awareness of VFN to consumers, and showcase VFN and its member benefits to merchants. 

As an Enhanced Plan subscriber you'll have access to all of the features on the new, including Impact Offers where merchants keep 100%* of the revenue. Choose the offer structure, dates, and fine print that work for your business – and donate any percentage of your revenue to your favorite nonprofit.

Membership in VFN gives you access to a broad and deep network of like-minded chefs, farmers and food producers. The network provides you with information, ideas, experiences, and camaraderie born of a shared vision with other Vermont food professionals. Learn more about VFN member benefits and qualifications

Ready to take the next step?

  1. Go to to find & claim your business.
  2. Select the Enhanced* plan.
  3. After you've claimed your business, invite the farmers and producers you work with to complete your profile. Localvore is always free for farms.
  4. Once you've claimed your business, your membership will still need to be approved by the Vermont Fresh Network. 'Localvore' will be listed as a method of payment on your VFN Application forms.

Got Questions? Call Beth Cullen at (347) 528-5446 or email her at

* Learn more about our plan types at Only Enhanced Plan subscribers will have access to our Vermont Fresh Network partnership benefits.